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Drive  explores the motivations and circumstances that fuel the choices we make, and just how far they can push us to act. Each character is uncompromising in their drive, following it until the film concludes in self-destruction. This sequence portrays two such opposing forces.

Driver is the film’s protagonist, a getaway driver running from his dark past to protect the woman he loves along with her child.  He is represented by a horse; an animal that can be wild or tamed, powerful or gentle. He struggles against The Mob, the film’s personification of greed and evil. They are represented by man, as greed and evil are uniquely human conditions.

As Driver and the Mobsters pursue their opposing goals, the very act of driving forward erodes at the the fiber of their being. Yet they continue to barrel towards each other, finally meeting in an explosive collision.


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Special Thanks to Ming Tai and Chris Yoon

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